Technology – Contact Manager (TM) can connect to PSTN (analog FXO/FXS, ISDN/BRI, ISDN/PRI), VoIP telecommunication operators, remote offices, local and remote agents, home offices, traveling agents. Basically the system comprises a softswitch with integrated CRM software installed on general purpose server.

    Availability – The access to the corporate CRM and telephony system is 24/7 available from anywhere in the world. The manager or a traveling agent, in a seconds may connect to the system via VPN and transfer their “office number” to their laptop, or via web browser, just monitor the activity in the office. All the information is in realtime mode always available to authorized users, from any connected to the internet computer. No additional software is needed, just a browser. The team and the management is provided with realtime list of available, logged in, agents and their status.

    Optimization - Any logged in agent can be dialed by simple click on his/her name. The system has the unique capability to register users by name, independently of their internal number, this means that any user can log in from any workstation and the system will register the fact, thus she can be called by simple click.

    Collaboration services – the CRM features deliver capability of sharing contacts, events, appointments between the agents. For example, an appointment may be set for one agent then transferred to another agent and/or another place and/or time if such need occurs.

    Historical data – the details about any event (conversation, appointment, etc.) may be found through the reporting subsystem. Conversations may be recorded in audio files, and be used in resolving a conflict between parties, may be used for examples in training sessions or just for monitoring the quality of the agents.

    Protection of investment – the Contact Manager System is build upon free open source software. This means that there are no additional obligations to any third party software manufacturer (such as Microsoft corp., Adobe, etc.) and no such obligations may occur at any point in time in the future.