Why having a call center?

Are you a business owner looking to make use of call centers and the services they provide? The use of call centers can increase your productivity. What does this mean for the small business person? It means an increase in your bottom line - truly a benefit derived from the use of call centers and the services they provide.

The benefits associated with developing your own call handling center are truly phenomenal once you consider them. Not only will you generate new clients, but you can keep existing clients satisfied. Furthermore, with your call handling associates hard at work taking care of the important and finer details of your business you can spend your time on more important issues like monitoring that bottom line. Watch your profits increase by leaps and bounds because you have a professional staff of friendly individuals working hard for you and your company!

Clearly, you have more to lose by not creating a call handling solution for your company than if you try a call handling service out for size. The nominal fees associated with such services are nothing compared to the benefits you will derive from the services afforded to you. Go ahead - test the waters and create a call handling solution for your company - you will be pleased with your decision to do so.

The key customer benefits of the call centers include:

  • Convenient customer access to the services required
  • A positive experience from operators skilled in providing telephone services
  • Accurate and appropriate responses
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency
  • Performance monitoring
  • Minimized expenses

These are just some of the many benefits your company can enjoy from a call center.

Why having a VoIP PBX?

In having VoIP enabled corporate PBX you may enjoy these and more benefits in addition to standard PBX features:

  • unlimited internal extension numbers;
  • have internal extension numbers outside the premises of the building, for example in remote sites, stores, warehouses, partners, at home and wherever an Internet connection is available;
  • have international numbers from different countries, thus allowing your customers and partners to call on local numbers, not international;
  • you may dial international calls through numbers that are local to the country;
  • average fixed line international call may be charged at a rate of about 0.01 – 0.03 cents/minute;
  • you may call from GSM to local to the country GSM gateway (for 0 cents in a business group account) and then call internal extension or number in a different country, thus making international call from mobile phone at rate of about 0.01 – 0.03 cents/minute;
  • you may have your laptop computer be ready internal extension to the corporate PBX wherever you are;
  • you may employ LCR (least cost router), which is an algorythm for dialing a number through a telecom that provides the lowest available cost;
  • the behaviour of the PBX may be predetermined according to the time and the callendar, for example call the call center in the business hours or playback a greeting and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in non business hours;
  • implement voicemails and fax-to-email/email-to-fax;
  • record, playback and search calls being made;
  • call statistcis and volumes;
  • short numbers – call a single extension and the PBX dials all the phone numbers of a given person (office extension, mobile, home number).

Why having a call center subsystem?

In addition ot the VoIP PBX features, you may enjoy many more, by integrating an CRM (Customer Relationship Management) subsystem:

  • you can track the contacts your employees are making with the customers and partners;
  • you can track the status of the deals, deliveries, sales activities;
  • you can monitor your employees performace;
  • you can know the real quality of service your people are giving to the customers;
  • you have all call details recorded in the database plus the voice record available in one click;
  • if an employee leaves the company, the information of his activities, promises and everything else stays in the database and is available to other assigned person;
  • you have statistics on peoples performance;
  • everybody with active account in the system have search, click-to-call function available;
  • everybody with sufficient privilege, may know the history of contacts with certain client;
  • if a call from a client comes a window pops-up with the customers details and recent history;
  • you may have 0800 and 0700 numbers integrated;
  • many, many more.