Contact Manager

Contact Manager is a Call Center solution, that empowers your business performance and boosts the financial bottom line. To discover how, please read the section Benefits.

Contact Manager is an integrated communications platform, that enhances the classic telephony system with the features of fully integrated CRM and state-of-the-art Voice over IP technology.

Especially designed to empower the organization with better handled partner and customer relationships, it reduces the time to prepare for a call, the probability to miss a call or contact, to miss an appointment, in lesser words it helps keeping promises.

With its visualization capabilities, click-to-call features, real-time statistics, search engine, collaboration subsystem and a lot of other stuff, Contact Manager embraces the business day with more clean and ordered environment.

The technology is based on GNU/Linux operating system, Asterisk PBX and Contact Manager (TM) CRM software, thus providing the business with the outstanding performance and raw power of open source software, well tamed to fit into the practical needs of a general purpose call center.